Thermal Management Solutions

Thermal Management Solutions are what we have done since 1970. Thermacore’s global engineering teams will remain focused on keeping Thermacore as the technical leader in advanced thermal management technologies, conducting Ph.D.-level research and development in advanced solid conduction, heat pipes, vapor chambers, loop heat pipes, pumped liquid cooling, nano-technologies and advanced materials. The distribution of our technical expertise will allow our engineering development efforts to be closely tied to our customers and their thermal solution needs today and into the future. Thermacore thermal management
Forty years ago, thermal technology entered a new era, as Thermacore turned a then-experimental technology into a viable choice for engineers and designers. Today, thanks to the groundbreaking work and engineering expertise of Thermacore since 1970, highly engineered passive thermal management systems are extending the capabilities of technologies in a complete range of areas: Military, Aerospace, Computers, Communications, Energy Conversion, Medical and Test Equipment, Transportation, Government/Education and more.
But that’s not all. Our 40 years of experience in custom design, development and manufacturing of highly-engineered thermal management systems represents a solid foundation for the future. We now bring unparalleled engineering design expertise and thermal solution performance, quality and reliability to markets where tomorrow’s challenges await.
As the 21st century unfolds, Thermacore employs more than 180 employees at 5 facilities located in the United States (Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Langhorne, Pennsylvania, Jefferson Hills, Pennsylvania, and Ronkonkoma (Long Island), New York) and the United Kingdom (Ashington, Northumberland). All facilities are ISO 9001 certified, with AS 9100 certification in the Pennsylvania and New York facilities. We’re ready to play a leading role in the next 40 years of thermal management technology, a technology we helped bring to life.