Sumitomo Electric GaN, GaAs FETs, RF Microwave Devices

SEDU is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI), Ltd. SEI is a member of the 400-year-old family of Sumitomo companies. SEI was established in 1897 to manufacture copper wire and has become one of the world’s leading forces in the research and development of high-technology products and systems for the communications, electronics, energy, automotive, and materials industries. SEI oversees more than 200 subsidiaries and affiliated companies worldwide.     Sumitomo Electric
SEDU will enable communication system OEM’s access to the broadest array of optical and wireless communication products These products play an essential part in supporting the global communications infrastructure. Sumitomo Electric’s world-class research and manufacturing capabilities in optical and mobile technologies continue to expand and strengthen our product portfolio, all the while maintaining industry-leading levels of reliability in the world with our accumulated technologies combined with resources for product development, manufacturing, quality assurance and sales engineering and purchasing activities.
SEDU meets the evolving demands of the North American broadband communications market and high-speed mobile communications, excelling at efficiency, greater flexibility in meeting customer requirements, enhanced customer service, and high levels of technical support for all of the products offered. SEDU has become one of the worlds leading companies in its field. Through our research and development strategy as well as our business strategy, SEDU remains at the forefront of the revolution in information and communications.