High Power Baluns, Phase Shifters, Var Atten, Filter Devices

High Power Baluns, Phase Shifters, Var Atten, Filter Devices are just a few of Soshin’s product offerings of electronic components. Our products are highly regarded worldwide by leading manufacturers of electronic equipment. We are known for manufacturing electronic components of high quality and high reliability.     Soshin
Our HMD960U 2.5GHz Balun for Bluetooth,Wireless LAN and WiMAX is compact and low profile, allowing conversion between balunced and unbalanced electrical signals. For more information on this product, please click here.
SOSHIN has been enjoying the great reputations, for many years, in the market with multi-layered dielectric filters in series, with the world smallest size of 2012 (=2.0 mm x 1.25 mm x 1.0 mm). And now, the new product was borne as Balance Filters, DBF series through bonding the company’s own advanced ceramic materials technology, RF circuit designing know how and printing multi-layered manufacturing process technique. By integrating various components in one ceramic body, it becomes possible to make the maximum use of individual real performance of filters and balun, and also to eliminate a discrete balun on the board. This will surely be effective in total cost cut by reducing mounting area and number of parts. This product, therefore, is believed to contribute in downsizing as well as higher integration of various wireless communication data devices. SOSHIN is continuously working to extend their line-up of Balance Filters aiming for smaller sizes and higher performance.