High Performance RF Microwave Coaxial Connectors, Adapters, Cable Assemblies

Rosenberger offers a comprehensive range of fabricated cables for the areas of communication, automotive and measurement technology. Whether it is RF cables assemblies for mass production, low-priced cables, very robust cables for outdoor applications, attractively priced laboratory test cables or high-precision test & measurement cables – our top priority at Rosenberger is a careful selection of the best-quality materials as well as excellent know-how.
We develop high-end products specially for customers involved in cable assembling to which we define and align our manufacturing processes. High rates of innovation in product development constantly deliver new impulses in assembling technology.
Rosenberger North America offers our customers a diverse range of RF complete solutions and customized solutions including cable assembling for:

  • Flexible cables and RG cables
  • Applications: cabling of electronic devices, building installation, navigation systems
  • UTIFLEX® microwave cables
  • Applications: precision cables for industrial test & measurement
  • Semi-flexible cables
  • Applications: splitter and filter systems, plug-in chassis systems
  • Semi-rigid cables
  • Applications: splitter and filter systems, plug-in chassis systems
  • Corrugated cables
  • Outdoor applications, e.g. mobile radio base stations, cable TV
  • Customer specific cables