Polyfet High Power RF Mosfet Transistors

Polyfet has been shipping in volume High Power RF Mosfet Transistors employing both State of the Art LDMOS (Lateral) and VDMOS (Vertical) silicon gate technologies since 1988. We are located about an hour’s drive North West of Los Angeles, California. A privately held company, we have a proud history of providing excellence in service, delivering quality products on time and full technical support to assist customer engineers in selecting and designing our transistors into their amplifiers. Our products have long life time cycles of over fifteen years, making them suitable for Military applications. For those who use software to design amplifiers, a set of S parameters and Spice models can be downloaded.    RF Mosfet Transistor
Our broad band power modules are compact in size. They are internally matched to 50 ohms input and output impedances. External Vds and Vagc pins are provided for bias control. We developed our line of modules to satisfy the market demand for a product that falls between a discrete transistor and a full-feature amplifier. They are basically a compact pallet amplifier enclosed in a conectorized case. The current range of specifications for our modules is up to 1GHz, 300W, 28Vdc, and 50dB gain (not all specifications are met at once).

New Product Highlights

The Polyfet process features low feedback and output capacitances, resulting in high Ft transistors with high input impedance and high efficiency. Please review the data sheets for the following RoHS-compliant, RF Power LDMOS Transistors: LX2401   LR2501