Optical Active & Passive Devices, Fiber, Lasers

Advanced Fiber Resources Advanced Fiber Resources
Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR) is a leading provider of optical passive components, designed mainly for telecommunication, fiber laser, and fiber sensor applications. AFR specializes in high power handling fiber optic and Inline polarizer maintaining devices. Our high power components offer up to 20 W power handling for fiber laser applications. Our polarization maintaining components offer excellent optical performance, high reliability, and high extinction ratio which results in the development of high-speed optical leading edge products.
Analog Lasers, Photodiodes AGx Tech
AGx Technologies specializes in fiber optic products for use in optical communications. We offer a wide selection of photo detectors and laser modules that are especially suited for analog applications, as well as a broad range of passive fiber optic components. For applications requiring premium performance, we offer lasers in butterfly packages, integrated with internal isolators and thermoelectric coolers. Our coaxial lasers have the capacity to operate uncooled over a wide temperature range.
American Technical Ceramics American Technical Ceramics
ATC // AVX Thin Film: Wide range of custom hybrid circuits, along with thin film resistors, capacitors, inductors, lumped element and distributed filters, integrated passives, and other unique solutions
Ligent Photonics Ligent Photonics
Optical communication transceivers, subassemblies and value-added products for the fiber-to-the-home, telecommunications and data communications markets