LTCC Design & Fabrication

Omega Micro Technologies, Inc. offers full-service microelectronic substrate and package solutions from
concept and design to fabrication, assembly and test. With rapid turnaround times and cost-competitive structuring, OMT is the perfect solution for reduced cost product design and manufacture of: RF, Microwave or Digital substrates, components and packages, using LTCC, AlN or other substrate technologies.
   LTCC Design & Fabrication
OMT provides design and fabrication assistance to military, commercial and automotive customers from concept and system design through detailed design implementation, product fabrication and test. Omega Micro Tech are experts in design, modeling, simulation, and layout of RF, microwave, and analog circuitry and systems from DC to 5 GHz and Beyond. OMT has full Design, Simulation and Characterization capabilities with additional enhanced capabilities through Purdue University’s IDEAS RF Laboratory.

Areas of specialty include:

  • Low-Temp Co-Fired Ceramic(LTCC)Design
  • Advanced Vertically Integrated Substrate and PCB Design
  • RF and Microwave Simulation
  • 3D EM Modeling and Simulation
  • Discrete and Embeded Filter Design(Lumped and Distributed)
  • VCO, Resonator and PLL Design
  • Modulator and Demodulator Design
  • Receiver and Transmitter Design
  • Power Amplifier Design (< 10 W)
  • High Power Transmit Filter Design
  • Diplexer, Antenna Matching, and T/R Switch Design
  • Monte Carlo Yield Analysis