Thick Film Substrates

MPT manufactures high-quality, custom-screened electronic circuit boards, printed on ceramics to withstand environmentally adverse conditions in which high levels of thermal conductivity are required. Our expertise includes building multi-layered thick film substrates.    Micro Precision Technologies
Thick film substrates are ideal for electronic circuits used in environmentally adverse conditions, when high levels of thermal conductivity are required, and space is a premium. MPT thick film technology is robust, economical, and can reduce the footprint of your circuit.

Hybrid Assembly

Hybrid assembly consists of attaching components onto a screened substrate and sealing the substrate into a package. The hybrid assembly process may include surface mount, die attachment, wire bonding, and packaging. Functional testing is performed both prior to sealing and post sealing into package. Environmental testing is performed post sealing.
MPT is committed to excellent quality, customer service, product and process innovation. MPT provides quick turn-around for prototypes and in-time production. MPT has clean areas of Class 1 for pre-cap inspection and Class 1000 for assembly.