Mini-Circuits PMA4-33GLN+ and New Reference Design Page

This month Amplitude Technical Sales would like to introduce you to a new Mini-Circuits amplifier and their new reference design page on the Mini-Circuits website.


Low Noise, High Gain, High IP3 MMIC Amplifier
0.7 to 3.0 GHz, 50Ω:
• Noise Figure: 0.47 dB at 900 MHz
• IP3: 40 dBm typ. at 900 MHz, 27 dB at 2000 MHz
• P1dB: 22.6 dBm typ. at 900 MHz, 22.9 at 2000 MHz
• Gain: 39 dB at 900 MHz, 27 dB at 2000 MHz
• Max Input Power: +24 dBm
• Operating Voltage: 5 V
Price: $6.95 Ea. (Qty. 20)

New Reference Design Page on Mini-Circuits Website:
Online index of over 80 reference designs from Analog Devices
Cross referenced with recommended Mini-Circuits products.
• Found under “Support” drop-menu on
• Refer inquires about additional reference designs not currently listed on website:
• Example of website list below:

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