Linearizer Technology

Linearizer Technology, Inc. (LTI) specializes in the solution of problems involving the non-linearity of RF/microwave components and systems. LTI provides both manufacturing and consulting services. LTI’s principal business is the production of linearizers for high power microwave amplifiers.    Linearizer Technology
LTI has the staff, test facilities and research background to resolve distortion problems due to all forms of non-linearity. Our state of the art in-house facilities accommodate work from dc up through millimeter wave frequencies and photonic applications.
Over the past 12 years, our primary R&D experience has been in the development of predistortion linearizers using passive and active devices, and more recently digital techniques. We also have experience with feed forward, feed back and other forms of linearization. We have a highly experienced systems analysis group that has developed proprietary software to assist in the design and test of linearizers, and to evaluate the potential benefits from linearization.
LTI has a 10,000 square foot facility, in the Princeton Corridor area of New Jersey. This site houses its business offices, production operations, and research and development activities. It includes a testing laboratory with eight vector network analyzers, and a “class 10,000″ clean room with wire bond, ribbon weld, and die attach capabilities for the microcircuits assembly of microwave, millimeter wave and photonic components. All LTI assembly personnel are trained and certified to the NASA solder and hybrid microelectronic assembly standard. Additionally, many LTI employees are experienced in the manufacture of high reliability components and space technology for flight. LTI maintains a close relationship with our vendors and subcontractors to deliver a “Quality Engineered Product” to ISO 9000 Standards and Procedures. LTI has a proven Quality System and works closely with customers to ensure its products meet their requirements.