Ligent Photonics Optical Communication Transceivers

Ligent Photonics, a USA corporation, is a global manufacturer of optical communication transceivers, subassemblies and value-added products for the fiber-to-the-home, telecommunications and data communications industries. The company headquarters is located at Naperville, Illinois.    Ligent Photonics Optical Communication Transceivers
The merger of Ligent Photonics, Hisense Optoelectronics and the broadband products division of the Hisense Electric Company created a new company in 2008: Hisense Broadband Multimedia Technology. The combined business units, collectively known as HBMT employs more than 850 persons. Its’ marketing and sales footprint covers Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.
The Ligent product line encompasses optical communication transceivers for a wide range of applications including E-PON, G-PON, Active Ethernet, SONET, Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet. The Fibre Channel product line includes optical transceivers for use in systems requiring 1x up to 10x data rates. The Ethernet product line covers applications from 125 Mb/s up to 10.3125 Gb/s. SONET models include the XAUI and FEC data rates up to 3.2 Gb/sec. CWDM models for SONET and Gigabit Ethernet round out the product portfolio.

Notable Achievements

• One of the first optical transceiver companies to produce a commercially viable GPON OLT optical transceiver meeting the ITU-T G.984.2 specifications.
• The first optical transceiver company to produce experimental 10G EPON OLT and ONU transceivers for the IEEE802.3av standard.
• The first optical transceiver company to have its ITU-T G.987.2 10G XG OLT transceivers successfully transport sustained error-free data at 10 Gb/sec over a commercial long-haul PON network.
• One of the first optical transceiver companies to offer 6 Gb/sec bidirectional Fiber Channel transceivers for high speed data and digital video.
• One of the first optical transceiver companies to introduce a complete EPON ONU terminal in a single SFP package.
• One of the largest suppliers of EPON ONU and OLT transceivers in the world.