KCB Has the Packaging Expertise and Amplifier Solutions to Take You Higher

Amplitude Technical Sales is pleased to announce that KCB Has the Packaging Expertise and Amplifier Solutions to Take You Higher
In support of the burgeoning demand for millimeter wave devices in surface mount (SMT) packages, KCB solutions has expanded its RF design, manufacturing and test capabilities to 50 GHz. Leveraging our expertise in developing package technology for high reliability applications, KCB has developed proprietary transitions for both hermetic and low cost, non-hermetic packages that can deliver excellent RF performance with the same level of reliability that our customers have come to expect from our traditional products.
KCB offers two paths to solution fulfillment: Standard Products and Custom Solutions .
KCB has realized two new amplifier products for millimeter wave applications. These amplifiers utilize the above package technology with special attention paid to precision device placement and loop height control to maximize performance at ever increasing frequencies. All amplifiers come 100% tested for RF performance and can be screened to the highest standards. KCB will continue to release new off the shelf solutions in the future to address the ever changing market demand.
Custom Solutions
We know that there are many devices on the market in the K and V bands that offer excellent performance but are not available in an SMT package. To address this need KCB is able to provide back end services for companies wishing to deploy off the shelf die as well as custom designed devices. At last there is a vehicle to implement a wide array of functional blocks in a surface mount environment for both low cost as well as high reliability environments.

View our capabilities and expanding product line of both standard and custom-packaged solutions on our website at www.kcbsolutions.com


About Amplitude Technical Sales: Amplitude Technical Sales was formed in 1995 to offer skilled representation for manufacturers to the high-frequency electronics community.The professional sales engineers at Amplitude Technical Sales provide state-of the-art electronics representation and unsurpassed customer service for the high frequency electronics industry. Serving design engineers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and the surrounding area for over 15 years, the expert technical representatives at Amplitude Technical Sales provide clients with the precise electronic components necessary for their design and the highest level of support possible.

To obtain samples and additional product information, contact Amplitude Technical Sales at sales@ampsales.com

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