FiBest Optical Transmission and Receiving (TOSA / ROSA)

FiBest optical transmission and receiving devices (TOSA / ROSA) are manufactured for global networks. These optical transmission and receiving devices are used as key components within the high-speed optical transceivers and transponders for intermediate and long reach applications.    FiBest Optical Transmission and Receiving (TOSA / ROSA)
FiBest has been established by optical technology professionals, whose expertise ranges from optical device technology to fabrication and evaluation technologies. With an emphasis on the high-end optical component design technologies, FiBest is positioned to meet the demands of the future high-speed and broadband optical networks. FiBest products can be applied to optical transmitter and receiver modules and subsystems for telecom and datacom networks. The key features of our device include its small size, high performance, and easy integration into the optical modules (higher yields at the transceiver and transponder level). We have designed and developed these devices utilizing our extensive industry experience in the optical device technology and electronic packaging technology, along with our customer’s support and cooperation at the early stage of product development.
Our vision is to contribute to the further development of the optical network and the highly-networked information society by offering excellent optical components to our customers.

Product Highlights

10Gbps 3.3V Driver-Integrated EML TOSA | 10Gbps XMD Compliant EML TOSA
10Gbps TO-CAN Pigtail PIN/APD ROSA | 10Gbps 17pin SMT APD Receiver