Analog Lasers, Photodiodes & Plug-in Receivers

AGx Technologies specializes in analog lasers, photodiodes, and plug-in receivers. We offer a wide selection of photo detectors and laser modules that are especially suited for analog applications, as well as a broad range of passive fiber optic components. For applications requiring premium performance, we offer lasers in butterfly packages, integrated with internal isolators and thermoelectric coolers. Our coaxial lasers have the capacity to operate uncooled over a wide temperature range.    AGx
The byword at AGx is “Quality”. We offer technological leadership by using our knowledge of optics
and semiconductors to optimize device performance for our clients. We focus on their needs to rapidly customize products. At AGx Technologies, we offer reliable products and quick delivery at attractive prices.
AGx Technologies was established in early 2005, the two founders sharing 60 years’ experience in the laser industry. The use of our proprietary technology has made us one of the world’s leading suppliers of semi-conductor lasers and detectors. Applications include analog transmission over fiber, sensors, cable television, cellular networks, satellite transmission and monitoring.
Our team has combined experience of more than a hundred years and we work closely with all of our customers to tailor products to their specific needs.