Optical Passive, Fiber Laser, Polarization Maintaining Devices

Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR) is a leading provider of optical passive components, designed mainly for telecommunication, fiber laser, and fiber sensor applications. AFR specializes in high power handling fiber optic and Inline polarizer maintaining devices. Our high power components offer up to 20 W power handling for fiber laser applications. Our polarization maintaining components offer excellent optical performance, high reliability, and high extinction ratio which results in the development of high-speed optical leading edge products.    Advanced Fiber Resources Optical Passive
Our PM components offer excellent optical performance, i.e., high extinction ratio and low insertion loss, and high reliability which become the key enabler of broadband optical networks, high-speed optical test equipments, laser gyroscope, and other PM optical systems.
We design and manufacture both standard and custom components, and provide contract manufacturing solutions to our customers. AFR’s customer base includes fiber laser, optical telecommunication and fiber sensor manufacturers, as well as research institutes and universities around the globe.
AFR has a strong management team. Many of them possess more than a decade of successful technology or management experience in fiber optic industry in Silicon Valley. Our goal is to become the customers’ first choice for high power handling & PM fiber optic components, and to promote our world-class optical technology in the global market.