About Amplitude Technical Sales

Amplitude Technical Sales was formed in 1995 to offer skilled representation for manufacturers to the high-frequency electronics community.

We presently cover the following regions:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Southern New Jersey
  • Delaware

With over 50 years of combined electronic technical and sales experience, we are dedicated to the growth and development of the industry. We possess the strategic finesse to penetrate and dominate the marketplace.

Our Philosophy is to interface with the major customers in our territories and influence buying decisions in favor of the manufacturers we represent.

Our ongoing sales efforts are focused on:

  • Engineering - To become the primary source on new designs and prototypes
  • Manufacturing – To become the primary source on existing production items by showing the customer where we can provide value
  • Purchasing – To learn the needs of the customer and work with our principals to fulfill those needs

Our activities involve following projects through the development stage and seeing them to completion. During this period, our principals receive monthly reporting on our progress.

Our strong client-base is an indicator of our continued growth and loyalty within the regions we cover.

The professional sales engineers at Amplitude Technical Sales provide state-of the-art electronics representation and unsurpassed customer service for the high frequency electronics industry. Serving design engineers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and the surrounding area for over 15 years, the expert technical representatives at Amplitude Technical Sales provide clients with the precise electronic components necessary for their design and the highest level of support possible.

Design engineers rely on the outstanding electronics reps at Amplitude Technical Sales for product recommendation and representation. Suppliers depend on the firm’s team for their in-depth technical knowledge and exceptional marketing skills. Together, the company’s expert reps have over 50 years of combined sales, technical, and engineering experience, making them one of the most qualified group of electronics manufacturers reps at one firm in the Northeast. Electronics Representative Association

Amplitude Technical Sales is also a proud member of the Electronics Representatives Association (ERA). Clients can trust that we will work hard to fulfill all of their multiple-line or specific component needs.

Using precise performance standards, we will make technically superior recommendations and offer sound advice for the ideal manufacturer’s component for your design. Your representative will also be sure to recommend the newest energy saving parts on the market.

Amplitude Technical Sales Representatives Consistently Provide:

  • State-of-the-art recommendations
  • Technically sound advice
  • Support for implementation of award-winning designs
  • Highest degree of customer satisfaction

Key Advantages for Customers:

  • Confidence. Customers can trust that they will receive sophisticated, technologically advanced, qualified engineering expertise for all new designs and prototypes.
  • Competitive Edge. Customers can trust that their sales professional will recommend a component that optimizes their design for cost efficiency, keeping them ahead of their competitors.
  • Energy Efficient Designs. Customers can trust that their electronics representative’s recommendations will help reduce energy consumption.

With proven expertise in advanced electronic technologies and absolute dedication to you, Amplitude Technical Sales manufacturers representatives in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware raise the bar on excellence for every client, every day.